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Spring Has Sprung

After the longest winter in recent memory, the weather has finally taken a turn for the better. The snow and ice are melting, so it should be only a matter of time until we are fishing our favourite waters! We have released a new Episode in our WebTV Series highlighting what the different seasons on an Alberta trout lake can bring as far as weather conditions and other challenges. Hope you enjoy it! (April 2018)

Winter is Back...So New Video on the Way

With the holiday season almost upon us and a recent cold snap in Alberta, we have been confined to the indoors for a couple of weeks. With that being said, it has given us time to catch up on some video clips and pictures from the 2016 season of fly fishing. To kickstart winter, the release of this latest 5 minute video on a mountain trip for northern pike on the fly will hopefully have you guys tying flies and dreaming of these slimy rockets hitting your fly in the new year. Enjoy! (Added December 2016)

Western Canadian Journey 3 Part Series

As some of you may know, we released a DVD in 2010 titled "Western Canadian Journey". It showcased fly fishing across Alberta and British Columbia in a typical year (including all 4 seasons) and was filmed in High Definition. We have recently re-discovered the files for that DVD, and are putting together a 3 part series of some of the highlights of the video.

Part 1: The first segment we released is titled "Winter Fly Fishing" and it is set on Stauffer Creek and the Bow River in Alberta in the dead of winter.

Part 2: The second segment is titled "Alberta Stream Brown Trout" and is set in central Alberta targeting brown trout using a dry/dropper two-fly rig on a June day.

Part 3: The third and final segment titled "Trout on Hoppers and Terrestrials" takes you for an afternoon of stream fishing in southern BC. Tim and Andy catch plenty of nice rainbow trout on grasshoppers, beetles, etc. fished both dry and wet!

The videos can be seen in our "Videos" section or on our "YouTube" channel.  Hopefully you enjoy this instructional series! (Updated May 2016)

Winter Means Ice Fishing

With the winter months lasting so long in Alberta, we sometimes run out of flies to tie. It is around this time that we need to get outside again to fish. That usually comes around this time of year. We enjoy ice fishing...maybe not as much as fly fishing, but it is a great exuse to get outside with friends and family. On Episode 2 of our "WebTV Series", we take you on an ice fishing trip to a private backyard pond to ice fish for rainbow trout. The action was the hottest we have seen, and a great day was had by all! Hope you enjoy this episode. (Added January 2016)

One More Video Before the Year is Done

How about another short video before New Year's for you? Nick and Tim fly fish Spring Lake, AB and Patterson Lake, MB for rainbows and brown trout in "Slow Lake Days". Let us know what you think! (Added December 2015)

Season's Greetings...and a New Video!

From all of us here at WesternSportfishing.ca we hope you had a great Christmas and a happy New Year! We have added a new section to the Video page for shorter (5 minute or less) movies titled "Shorties". Our first video in the segment was filmed during a camping and fly fishing trip with Nick, Trevor, and Andy for Andy's stag. This video took place on a creek in Alberta for rainbow and brook trout. What a fun day it was to use some fluffy dry flies and nymphs to fool these smaller, but beautiful trout! (Added December 2015)

NEW Video: Episode 1- Stillwater Fly Fishing HD

As promised, we have returned to the fly fishing video scene. We will be featuring a few episodes in a "TV show" format for 2015/2016 like we had done years ago with our DVD's. In this episode, Tim and Andy fly fish for some rainbow trout in an Alberta pothole lake in the Spring. Chironomids and leeches were the hot flies of the day. Please watch and let us know if you enjoyed the first installment through email or any of our Social Media pages! (Added November 2015)

2015: What a Great Year of Fly Fishing the West!

With the snow getting closer, it is time to look back on the season of fishing that was. Time to finally get back to updating this site regularly as well. It has been that good of a year that we barely had time to hop on a computer. Andy and Nick started the year off with a bang fly fishing on a mostly iced over lake in central Alberta...with an aluminum boat. They did quite well on that trip and it set the tone for the rest of the year for us all. My first trips were a few unsuccessful outings in the Phoenix community trout lakes. Nick and I also had the pleasure of trying out the waters of the Parkland region of Manitoba for a few days. While the fishing wasn't as hot as it can be, we still managed to get some nice brown, rainbow, and tiger trout. Many other great trips were had including a stream fishing and camping "stag" trip for Andy (another dead man walking). The good weather and fishing continued into the Fall, and a new trout species stocked in a few Alberta waters, the tiger trout. Nick and I had encountered them in Manitoba for the first time this spring, and now they have made their way into a few lakes here in Alberta. They seem to be quite a unique looking trout as they are a cross between the brown and brook trout. Every fish has different markings than the last, and they really seem to put up a great fight. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the trout stocking program in Alberta. Let's keep this momentum going from this great year of 2015! -Tim (Added November 2015)

Nick with a beautiful Manitoba brown trout Tim with a large lake whitefish  from Jasper Andy holds a fat rainbow trout from an Alberta pothole lake Trevor, Nick, and Andy at Kamp Kaleb A tiger trout from Alberta

New Article: "Rediscovering the Discovered"

After a long hiatus from writing anything, Andy brings us a quirky article titled "Rediscovering the Discovered". It is a quick read on re-visiting a lake he hadn't fished in over a decade. Please have a look! On another note, the weather appears to be warming up again near Edmonton, and we are all anticipating the ice to come off of a few trout lakes soon! (Added March 2015)

Celebrating 15 Years of Fly Fishing the West!

2015 is an exciting year for us at Western Sportfishing. We are celebrating the 15th year since we began bringing you all the information you need to fly fish in Western Canada!

For those of you who don't know our history, the four of us started a free website in 1999/2000 called "Fly Fishing the West". Back then we could post maybe a half dozen pictures to our page. After having about 10 views to the site, it would shutdown on overload for a few hours (Something unheard of nowadays). A year later, we discovered another free hosting site that allowed us to have more capacity for pictures, and even videos! That year, a magazine came out with the name "Fly Fishing the West" (not in existence anymore), so we came up with the name "Western Sportfishing".

Fishing videos on the internet were almost unheard of at the time.  They couldn't be long or of a particularly high quality; but we put a few up and had a great response! Those old videos are in our archives on this website. In 2004 or so, we all pitched in some money and bought a domain name, and picked a hosting site.  We have been here ever since.  Over the 15 years we have grown each section of the site. A few years ago, we produced three DVD titles: "2007 Western Sportfishing Video Series", "Hook n' Vise Vol. 1", and lastly "Western Canadian Journey". It was a blast to make these videos, and even cooler that we were mentioned in the reviews section of Fly Fusion Magazine as well as the Fly Fish Alberta blog.

We started doing this as a fun way to share our fishing adventures, while also educating everybody along the way. That is still the goal for this website. It has been great to meet many of you loyal followers in the community or out on the waters. We would like to let everyone know that to celebrate our 15th year, we are hoping to film a few episodes in our TV show format (as shown in our 2007 DVD's) for viewing on our website as well as on our YouTube channel. Look for them later in the year. Also, watch for other exciting announcements throughout the year!

Finally, thank you all for being with us for the last 15 years of this journey! Without you, this website would not still be going. Thank you, and remember that you can keep in touch with us through almost every form of Social Media as well as email. (Added February 2015)

Article: Fall Backswimmers and Boatmen

For those of you who like to fish backswimmers and boatmen, or have always wanted to try: Check out Tim's article "Fall Backswimmers and Boatmen" for helpful hints on fly fishing with these patterns successfully in the Fall. (Added February 2015)

Video: End of Fall- Fly Fishing Frenzy HD

In the latest video from Western Sportfishing, the guys take you on some late season fly fishing trips to catch some trout before the ice hardens and the snow flies! Please check it out and let us know what you think! Remember to select "1080P" or "720P" under the "settings" (cog symbol) for best quality once the video starts playing! (Added December 2014)

Blue Flash Chironomid

Tim ties us the Blue Flash Chironomid in the latest Featured Fly. This chironomid pattern looks a little out of place with its flashy blue appearance, but looks can be deceiving as it is one of the more effective chironomid style of flies to have in your lake box. Step-by-step instructions guide you through this relatively simple tie. Add a few to your box and try them out during the hatches of May and June. Don't be surprised if you hook some of the larger trout of your season on these flashy blue flies! (Added December 2014)

Tim's Blue Flash Chironomid

2014: Exciting Year Ahead

The snow and ice are beginning to melt. Flies are tied, and anticipation is high once again for the fly fishing season. This looks a lot like our last entry on this page around this time last year, so I will be brief. The 2013 fishing season started off slow but ended with a bang. It was a busy year all around for all of us at Western Sportfishing. A few of us moved so that took up a lot of time, and Nick was the "Dead Man Walking" and got married. We had a fun filled weekend stag fly fishing trip with Nick. The weather co-operated and we had a blast fishing with the whole crew of WSF. At the end of the day we would kick back by the fire and BS with drinks in hand. To me, those type of trips sum up why most of us fish in the first place. Hopefully you all have a great season this year, and I PROMISE we WILL be updating this page more regularly this year. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves out on the water, and don't forget to share your stories with us through any of our Social Media pages! Tight lines! -Tim (March 28, 2014)

Another Year Begins

It was another long winter here in Edmonton, Alberta. We had plenty of snow and cold weather, but things have finally turned around and we have had a lot of melting going on. As I write this, it appears that there has been a slight relapse for the weekend, but things are looking good for some open water on some trout lakes around here in the next few weeks! I have been busy tying flies during the winter months, along with the other guys here at Western Sportfishing. We managed to get out a few times on the Bow River in Calgary, as well as doing a little bit of ice fishing with the hard water being around for so long. A great time was had by all, and we all hope to get out and explore some new areas mixed in with some old haunts this year. A reminder to everybody to purchase your 2013/14 fishing licenses if you will be heading out soon, as April 1 isn't just April Fool's Day every year! If you have a memorable fishing trip/experience, or want to gain more knowledge, check out the rest of the website or drop by our Facebook page and we would be glad to chat! In the meantime, we hope you all have a fantastic season full of new memories and awesome destinations! (Added April 5, 2013 -Tim)

End of Season

After the early winter set in, we have already started to reminisce on the year and have begun tying flies to replenish the boxes. There were a few great trips to cap off the season. Good weather or not, we made it out, and made the most of the final days of the open water season! Please continue to check in with our blog for updated reports and reviews: WSF Journal/Blog . Also, if you have a free moment, check out some of our new content to the site, such as these Articles: "Fly Fishing Fantasy" and "Homewaters"! We are in the midst of some very cold weather here in the Edmonton area, and will be updating the website regularly over the next few months. Watch for some new videos to come as well! (Added November 29, 2012 -Tim)

Fall Updates

It has been a very busy year here at Western Sportfishing. We have been out fishing often since the spring, and had some amazing adventures. To check out our trip reports, simply check out our Journal/Blog at:http://blog.westernsportfishing.ca . We have been so busy that we have seemed to have missed updating this homepage with our latest information. That will change now that the days are getting shorter, and weather slowly tapering off. A major announcement we have made over the last couple of weeks is that, after 8 years at its current location and 10 years of hosting, we have decided to delete our WSF Forum. The Forum was a great gathering place for information to be shared amongst anglers for the decade; however, with the popularity and rise of social media, the amount of posting became slim. We are pleased to have been able to serve the population of fly fishermen that we had for the 10 years of the Forum's existence, and we hope that you folks continue to follow and iteract with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our Journal/Blog! A link with all of our "Social Media" web addresses has been added to the site for your convenience! Once again, thank you for your support, and we hope to continue serving you with great fly fishing information and trip reports! Tight lines. (Added September 29, 2012 -WSF)

Spring Fishing is Well Underway!

We have all been busy getting out fishing here at Western Sportfishing. Many stillwater trips have taken place, and even a few streams. Anything from big Rainbow Trout to the mighty White Sturgeon have been landed, and we have been having a great time! Keep posted on latest trips through our blog at: http://blog.westernsportfishing.ca ,or as always, interact with others on our angler Forum. We hope you are all having some fine fishing this season, and take care out on the waters! (Added May 24, 2012 -WSF)

Late Winter/Spring Prep

The winter season in the Edmonton area has been a surprisingly mild one. Much to our delight, we have been experiencing low snowfall compared to last year, and very mild (manageable) temperatures. With that being said, we are preparing for (hopefully) an early spring season for stillwater and stream fishing. That does not mean that we haven't been out fishing in the last little while. For a report on a fine day of fly fishing Alberta's Bow River with Andy and Nick and any other recent adventures, please click on this link. We have also been out ice fishing a few times for perch, brook trout, rainbow trout, and walleye and had a blast just getting out in the middle of winter and enjoying the company of whomever was with us. As the winter progresses to spring, we hope you all have your fly boxes full and equipment ready to go! Thanks for the support, and we will keep providing updates as the year goes on. (Added February 1, 2012)

Back to the Winter

Some fine fall fishing has come and gone and we are now back into the winter season here at Western Sportfishing. We hope everyone had a great year out on the water, and want to wish everyone a successful New Year. This time of year is typically spent re-stocking fly boxes, watching old fishing videos, and anticipating the next season. There will be some days where chinook winds blow through, and we get a chance to wet a line to satisfy the need to get out...heck we might even go ice fishing a few times. Nothing can compare to casting dry flies on a beautiful creek with the sun beating down though, so in the meantime, we will prepare for the next year dreaming of the next place to wet a line. (Added December 6, 2011- WSF)

July Updates For Your Enjoyment!

We have a few updates that we are proud to showcase to everyone for the month of July! First of all, we have replaced the "Pictures" section of the website with a new WSF Journal/Blog. This will help us post pictures, fishing reports, and any other relevant information that isn't on the website.  It will be quicker, and more up-to-date than the old picture galleries that we used to have! The second big announcement is that we have added a new fly to the Fly Tying section. The Double Bunny Streamer is a versatile fly that can be used for various trout, pike, walleye, and steelhead/salmon. We hope you enjoy the fly, and get a chance to catch some nice fish on them! Lastly, Tim has been referred and selected by Torrent.ca to be a member of their Pro Staff. Torrent produces outdoor clothing and gear that is of high quality, and is all made in Canada, which is great! They are also the new Canadian distributor for Loop Fly Rods and Reels, which we enjoy fishing a lot! We hope everyone is having a great summer, and we hope to see some of your nice fishing pictures on the Forum. Tight lines! (Added July 18, 2011- WSF)

Rain, Rain, and MORE RAIN!!! Plus New Article on Site

Since the last update, the rain has not let up for more than a day. Consequently, rivers and streams are bursting at the banks, and water on most is muddy brown. Stream levels will retreat in the next few weeks, but everything is far behind schedule this year. If you look around you can find a few options if flowing water is desired, but they are few and far between at the moment. Spring creeks such as Stauffer Creek have been a bright spot as the waters remained crystal clear even with the rain and melt. Stillwaters have been another good place to try. Lakes that winterkilled have been stocked again, so you can expect some action when you hit the lakes now. Of course, there are a few lakes that didn't succumb to mother nature's wrath this winter as well. Over the last month, we have been all over Alberta, fishing lakes, streams, and rivers (even the muddy Bow). While the action has been mostly slow, we have come across a few nice fish and had enjoyable times getting out. We've even hit some old haunts that we haven't visited in a few years!  Here are a few pictures from the last month, and a link to Andy Tchir's latest article called "For the Good of the Next Generation".  Andy touches on some humourous events while he learned the sport of fly fishing. We should also have some new flies, destinations, and announcements coming soon! Take care, tight lines, and Happy Canada Day! (Added July 1, 2011- Tim)

Loop Pike Booster on the muddy and high Bow River

Lakes are Free of Ice!

The last few weeks have been both a good and bad time around the Edmonton area. On one hand, a lot of lakes have become free of ice. On another, there have been a few lakes that have succumbed to winterkill. After a winter as harsh and long as this last one, there is no wonder some lakes did not survive. I had the chance to get out this past weekend with Nick, and we managed to hit the one day where thundershowers and down-pours ruled the day. Still managing to stay out on the lake for periods throughout the day, a few fish were landed. Fishing on Muir Lake has been productive, and Nick was out on a prior day with better success. Of course, there are always quite a few people out on this small lake. There appeared to be some slight winterkill, but there are still trout to be had. Hopefully we can continue to get out more and more as the weather gets even better! (Added May 11, 2011- Tim)

New Spring Edition of Streamside Canada

The new Spring edition of Streamside Canada's FREE online magazine is out! The issue is packed with some great articles, including an article on "Pike on the Fly" by our very own, Tim Tchir and a beautiful cover shot from Nick Sliwkanich. If you enjoy a good dose of fly fishing articles, we encourage you to check out the latest in this online magazine! http://www.streamsidecanada.com (Added March 25, 2011)

Article About a Day on the West Coast

After a hiatus from writing articles, staff member Andy Tchir is back on the bandwagon. He has just put out his latest article titled: "Will They Ever Find a Cure?". The Article takes a quirky look into a trip to the West Coast in which Andy had some high hopes for the day of fishing. Will he be disappointed? Please check it out in our "Articles" section! As always, you can provide feedback on our Western Sportfishing Forum, or by e-mail at info@westernsportfishing.ca. Thank you, and tight lines! (Added February 18, 2011)

New Western Canadian Journey DVD Launches, and SALE!

We are very excited to finally release our latest DVD installment: Western Canadian Journey! The video takes you across some of the finest waters in Alberta, and a few stops in BC as we head to the Pacific Ocean and back. Highlights include trips for Alberta brown trout, Elk River cutthroat trout, large rainbow trout on terrestrial patterns, stillwater trout fishing and winter trips on the Bow River and Stauffer Creek (North Raven River). Please watch our preview video below. 

Also, we have a SALE on our previous DVD installments in the Western Sportfishing collection, so please check everything out in the WSF Store! Tight lines! (Added January 4, 2011)

New Article on Fly Casting

Please check the latest article which we have added to the site. In this piece, Nick talks about different fly casting angles for stream fishing. Article: Minor Notes on Casting Angles (Added November 17, 2010)

WSF on Facebook!

We have created a "Fan Page" on Facebook, so if you haven't already, please click the "Like" button! This is another way to stay up to date with what is new at Western Sportfishing! (Added November 2, 2010)

New Video and WSF Articles

After a slow start to a fishing day on one of Alberta's brown trout streams last Fall, Nick and Tim switched up to streamer fishing. After that change, they got into some fine brown trout, and even an unexpected encounter with a nice bull trout. Nick has edited the footage, and we are pleased to showcase it in our "Videos" section. The video is titled "Frenchman's Creek, Alberta". In other news, the most recent addition of Streamside Canada's Online Magazine is out, and Tim Tchir and Nick Sliwkanich both have articles featured in the magazine. Please check it out at www.streamsidecanada.com, and let us know what you think on our Western Sportfishing Forum! Thank you for your support!  (Added October 18, 2010)

Tim Tchir with a hefty bull trout caught on the streamer Nick with a fine brown trout caught on a Clouser Minnow

Back From Plenty of Fishing!

Over the last couple of months, we have all been busy spending quality fishing and camping time across British Columbia and Alberta. With many miles put on the wading boots, we have a few great stories, memories, and pictures to share. To view a couple of stories with pictures, please follow the link to our Forum/Discussion Board's "Fishing Reports" section to view a little sampling! With that being said, we hope you all have had a fantastic summer filled with some great fishing, and we'd love to hear about your trips! As we write this, the fall fishing season is upon us which is usually some of the best fishing of the entire year. Many fish go on the feed before the start of winter, and it is an excellent time to catch arguably some of the largest fish of the year. As we enter this time of year, we are still getting out on various trips, and Andy Tchir is hard at work on a brand new DVD which will be our best one yet! Footage compiled over the last three years is being edited down to an amazing journey. Stay tuned for more updates and tight lines! (Added September 16, 2010)

Tim with a nice healthy Westslope Cutthroat Trout A rainy week out on the water! Andy with a nice brown trout on the dry fly Hot sun and Cutts!

WSF Articles in Streamside

Please check out the latest edition of Streamside Canada's Online Magazine for articles from Tim and Nick of WesternSportfishing.ca. Tim writes about fishing for some finicky westslope cutthroat trout ("Wily Westslopes") while Nick writes on fishing a small stream that is a favourite of his ("The Lonely Paradise"). The online magazine is free and only takes an email address to sign up! http://www.streamsidecanada.comStreamside Canada- Summer 2010(Added July 7, 2010)

Chironomids and Other Hatches

While the chironomid fishing got off to a slow start early in the season, we managed to use other fly patterns to get the trout to bite. Over the last few weeks, the chironomid hatches have become quite steady, with many sizes and colours for the fish to eat. A little bit of snow came back to end off the month of May, but fishing will return to what it was before. Look for more mayfly and chironomid hatches, and the damselfly and dragonfly emergence to come on strong in the next few weeks! Get out there and fish some lakes! (Added June 3, 2010- Tim)

Trout fooled by the Candy Cane Chironomid Tim with a rainbow trout caught on a scud Nick with a dandy on the #18 chironomid at Muir Lake

New Video and Pictures!

We have just added a brand new video: "BC Creek Rainbows HD" and the "2009 Picture Gallery". We hope you enjoy the new content! (Added May 6, 2010)

Welcoming Back Winter

As I sit here on my two week vacation that was supposed to be full of exciting fishing adventures, I can't help but wonder what happened with the weather. Just two weeks ago, we were hoping for some rain when the temperatures hit 27ºC, but this is a little too much. As I look out the window today, I see gusts of wind and a heck of a lot of "white stuff" on the ground. While any moisture is good for the lakes around here, I think we were ok with rain. The snow could have stayed away until next winter. I suppose that's what we have to deal with though. All I can do now is look at some pictures from the last week of fly fishing lakes around the Edmonton area. Fishing has been decent with some chironomid hatches, as well as the standby leech, scud and backswimmer patterns taking some nice trout. (Added May 4, 2010 -Tim)

Andy with a hefty rainbow trout caught in fine spring weatherNick plays a rainbow trout in his pontoon boatTrout foodWinter is back! May 5, 2010

Spring Fishing is Underway!

After all the anticipation for the ice to come off on our local Edmonton lakes, the time has come!  We have been out a few times, and while the fishing hasn't been spectacular, some nice fish have still been caught.  At this time of year it is always great to get out and wet a line after a winter of tying flies and stocking up on fly fishing gear (mostly impulse purchases due to it being the dead of winter).  The spring season has been very warm so far, with many lake levels in the region dropping a couple of feet or more over the winter.  While this doesn't bode well for the future of some lakes, the only thing we can do about it is get out and enjoy our time on the water, and hope for some rain!  Be sure to check our new site often as we will supply updates on a more regular basis than in the past.  Also, check out our Forum to discuss anything fishing related with other anglers, and ourselves.  Most of all, thanks again for your support, and hopefully we will see you out on the water in 2010!

Please check out some early season Wabamun pictures from a trip before it closed for the season: Wabamun Pics (Added April 23, 2010)

10 Years of Western Sportfishing!

A brief history:  With our passion for fly fishing already ramped up, we decided to start our own website back in 2000.  The internet was but a fraction of what you see now.  Videos were a rare thing back then, and the quality left something to be desired.  From our old Geocities site, to the more refined Tripod one, we started to add more and more content such as videos and pictures.  Finally we took the plunge and bought the rights to westernsportfishing.ca, and the site's progression to this day has been amazing. The work on this website has taken some time, but hopefully everyone will enjoy the simple layout.  We are still here as a resource for fly fishermen/women, and hopefully the information you find will help you on your next outing. 

To stay current on our updates, check the "Recent Updates" tab on the right side of the page.  We have added a lot more content than our old site, and are working on more as we speak.

If you have any further sections or content that you would like to see added to the website, feel free to drop us a line at info@westernsportfishing.ca . (Added April 23, 2010)



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