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Celebrating 20 Years of Western Sportfishing! (2000-2020)

We started out as wide eyed fly fishing obsessed teenagers, and are still just as obsessed, but much older and wiser! The first website the four of us built was actually back in 1999 named "Fly Fishing the West", and would crash after a few people visited it. A magazine came out for a short time that took that name, so we switched up to Western Sportfishing in 2000, and started to build a whole new website. We have all been fishing since birth, and fly fishing, tying, and filming for well over 20 years.  There doesn't appear to be an end to our passion for all of it!

Join us this year through this website and our social media pages as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in style. We will be adding fly tying videos from Nick to the website and YouTube pages. Also, we will be releasing a Classic episode every month in the winter/early spring. Then, we hope you enjoyed Season 1 of our WebTV Series, as we will be filming and releasing more content for Season 2. If that is not enough for you, be sure to follow our Facebook page and #WesternSportfishing on Instagram for details about some contest giveaways throughout the year. And if you don't win the contests, we will have a way to purchase some Western Sportfishing gear if you loyal followers wish to. It has been great meeting many of you over the years, and we hope you continue growing with us. These last 20 years have gone quickly, and we are only getting started! Happy fishing and tight lines! -Trevor, Andy, Tim, Nick- (January 2020)

Trevor, Andy, Tim, Nick

Featured Video: Fly Fishing Phoenix, Arizona

Not many people think of Phoenix, Arizona as a fly fishing destination. People flock there in the winter to soak in the sun, but there are many different opportunities available to the angler. Tim takes us on a tour of a few of the Phoenix area Community Fishing lakes and ponds. This is a separate fishing license from the Arizona State Fishing license. Licenses are the same price whether you are a resident or non-resident, and booklets come with your license purchase that have maps and locations of the 40+ lakes and ponds. Hopefully this video inspires some of you to take in some fishing next time you are in the area!