Welcome to WesternSportfishing.ca!

WSF History:

Western Sportfishing is a dedication to the sport of fly fishing, and all that western Canada has to offer. We formed the first Western Sportfishing website in the year 2000, and are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The goal of this site is to showcase different areas of fishing, various techniques, and any other information that will help fly fishermen here in Western Canada. Whether you are looking to gain more knowledge into a certain area of fly fishing, interact with other anglers on our "Social Media" sites, or want to check out some great fishing related info (videos, pictures, articles, etc), then you have come to the right place!

The Western Sportfishing Crew:

Tim Tchir, Western SportfishingTim Tchir: Fishing since before he can remember, Tim enjoys most of his fly fishing in BC and Alberta. His favourite style of fishing is on creeks and small lakes. He enjoys a good adventure off the beaten path every once in a while, and loves the peacefulness and mystery of casting on a new piece of water. The run of salmon in British Columbia, coupled with some big rainbow and bull trout always gets him coming back for more. Tim has a passion for teaching those new to the sport, and gets more satisfaction from seeing them catch a fish than himself a lot of the time! He has recently written articles for various online magazines. Tim is involved with pretty much everything Western Sportfishing.

Andy Tchir, Western SportfishingAndy Tchir: Andy lives for the outdoors. He has been fishing since probably before he could talk, and also participates in hunting every year. Andy approaches fly fishing in a simple manner that is far from an elitist attitude. "It's the man who catches the fish, not the image". He enjoys meeting new anglers, seeing different places, and sharing his passion for the sport. Andy is involved most extensively in our video productions, and can probably be found editing videos when he isn't out catching fish or chasing deer. That being said, he finds time to write articles, share destinations, and tie up some new flies for everyone to see on our website. Andy has produced the first three DVD compilations for Western Sportfishing with more to come in the future! He was also a co-founder of Western Sportfishing in its inception.

Nick Sliwkanich, Western SportfishingNick Sliwkanich: Nick is an avid fly angler always seeking new waters. This said, his favourite places to cast a line are lakes and small creeks, with rainbow and cutthroat trout being the primary targets (but casting dries to sipping browns is always welcome). Nick has a passion for outdoor writing and photography. Some of his work can be found in the Alberta Fishing Guide, Western Sportsman and this website to name a few! Nick spends his spare time fishing on some of Alberta's finest waters.

Trev Sliwkanich, Western SportfishingTrev Sliwkanich: An avid fly-fisher since the late 1990's, Trevor can mostly be found in the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies stalking trout in small to middling streams. Always eager for an adventure, Trevor will often tag along on any of Nick's exploratory excursions. With a relaxed desire for minimalism, Trevor often only carries two fly boxes (probably filled with Catskills, Wulffs, and Stimulators).