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52 Dragon

52 Dragon

 Hook:  #6-12 streamer/nymph hook

 Tail:  Olive Marabou

 Wing Case: Ringneck Pheasant Tail

 Body: Dark Olive Hareline Dubbing

 Thorax: Ryachophila Green multi-purpose dubbing

 Legs: Ringneck Pheasant Tail

 Ribbing: Silver Oval Tinsel

 Eyes: Black Foam/Black Booby Eyes



Step 1: Tie in a short olive marabou tail.





Step 2: Tie in some oval tinsel and begin to dub in the olive hareline dubbing for the body.






Step 3: Continue to wrap the olive hareline dubbing forward and build up a pretty thick body to about 2/3 the way up the hook.






Step 4: Counter-wrap the oval tinsel to where you finished dubbing, and tie in some ringneck pheasant tail fibers. These will be folded over the thorax later on and act as a wing case.





Step 5: Wrap in some Ryachophila Green multi-purpose dubbing for the thorax. Only wrap in about half of the thorax, because you want to tie in your legs before you pull the wingcase over.





Step 6: Tie in some pheasant tail fibers on each side of the thorax. These will act as the legs of the fly. They also enhance the profile of the fly, making it look like a dragonfly nymph trying to swim away.





Step 7: Finish dubbing in your thorax. Pull the pheasant tail wing case forward and tie it off.






Step 8: Cut a strip of black sheet foam or use the new black booby eyes, and wrap them on with a figure eight pattern.





Final Step: Trim the eyes to the desired size and shape. Pick out the dubbing on the body and the thorax. The fly is now done. This fly is so effective because it combines the properties of the more traditional 52-Buick, and it uses the foam eyes, which give it an excellent wiggle-action when fished on a sinking line. Go use this fly on some of your favorite lakes, it's a real fish catcher. Tight lines

Fly Tied By: Andy Tchir

Pattern By: Andy Tchir