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Alberta Stone

Alberta Stone

Hook: Size #6-10 Streamer

Tail:  Brown Goose Biots

Wing Case: Ringneck Pheasant Tail

Shellback: Ringneck Pheasant Tail

Body & Thorax: Golden Stone Dubbing

Legs: Golden/Yellow Round Rubber Hackle

Ribbing: Fine Copper Wire

Head: Gold Cone head/Bead head




Step 1: Slide the bead head to the eye of the barbless hook. Wrap the thread to the end of the hook.




Step 2: Wrap a small ball of dubbing at the end of the hook, and tie in your goose biots for the tail.






Step 3: Tie in enough strands of pheasant tail to make a nice back for the fly.  Tie in a long enough piece of fine copper wire as well.





Step 4: Wrap in the golden stone dubbing to form the body of the fly. Make sure it tapers wider as you go towards the eye of the hook. Stop about 2/3 the way up the hook




Step 5: Bring the pheasant tail strands from the back to where you stopped with your thread.  Tie down the pheasant tail, and wrap the copper wire from the back of the hook as well.  Make about 5 wraps, and tie off.




Step 6: Tie in your rubber legs on each side of the hook.  Silly legs or rubber round "hackle" can be used.





Step 7: Loosely wrap in the golden stone dubbing to form the thorax of the fly, and then bring the rest of the pheasant tail and wrap over the thorax to the bead. Tie off the pheasant tail behind the bead.  This forms the wing case over the thorax.




Final Step: Whip finish the fly, trim the legs to a desired length, and the fly is done! This fly is a fantastic nymph pattern from big rivers to small streams. It imitates the golden stonefly nymph very closely, and catches a lot of fish when most other patterns are not working. This fly can be fished from early spring to late summer with incredible results. Tie some up, and see for yourself!  Tight lines!


Fly Tied By: Tim Tchir

Pattern By: Phil Rowley