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Basic Chironomid

Basic Chironomid

Hook: Size #8-18 curved caddis/scud 

Body: Superfloss (various colours)

Thorax: Peacock herl

Gills: White antron, fish fuzz, or calf tail

Ribbing: Fine red wire and fine silver wire 

Head: Bead Head (silver, gold, black, white, etc)

Step 1: Slide bead head on before inserting hook into the vise.


Step 2Step 2: Slide back the bead and tie in a small amount of white antron or calf tail for the gills. Do a couple of half hitches with the thread, and cut off.


Step 3Step 3: Slide bead forward, and tie in the thread behind the bead, wrapping towards the back of the hook. At the back of the hook, tie in the fine red and silver wire, and the black superfloss. Wrap the thread toward the bead head once again.


Step 4Step 4: Wrap the superfloss forward and tie off behind the bead head to form the body. Then wrap the red and silver wire in even spaces to segment the fly for the ribs. Tie off the wire behind the bead head as well.


Final StepFinal Step: Tie in peacock herl to form the thorax. Make 2 to 3 wraps, then tie off. Cut off excess material, and whip finish the fly. This fly is a must-have if you fish any stillwater. Take a variety of colours and sizes in your box. It is especially effective during the major hatches of chironomids in spring.  A quick, easy tie that will catch many trout on the lakes!



Fly Tied By: Nick Sliwkanich

Pattern By: Unknown