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Blue Flash Chironomid

Blue Flash Chironomid

Hook: Size #12-18 Daiichi 1120

Body: Blue Flashabou

Ribbing: Black Rubber Floss

Thorax: AZ Seal Black Dubbing

Gills: White Calf Tail or Antron

Head: Black Bead head


Blue Flash Chironomid Step 1Step 1: Slide the bead head onto the barbless hook. Wrap the thread near the eye of the hook and tie in a tuft of white calf tail or antron for the gills. Whip finish or half hitch the thread, and cut. Slide bead head towards the eye of the hook.

Blue Flash Chironomid Step 2Step 2: Start wrapping the thread again (behind the bead head.

  Blue Flash Chironomid Step 3Step 3: Tie in a couple of strands of blue flashabou, as well as the black rubber floss, which will be used for the ribbing.

  Blue Flash Chironomid Step 4Step 4: Wrap the thread towards the back of the hook. Wrap over the flashabou and the rubber floss until you reach the tail end of the fly. Wrap the thread back towards the bead head again. Remember to taper the body (thicker towards the head).

Blue Flash Chironomid Step 5Step 5: Wind the blue flashabou towards the head of the hook, then tie off with a half hitch.

Blue Flash Chironomid Step 6Step 6: Wrap the black rubber floss in segments towards the head to make the "ribs" of the chironomid. Coat the chironomid in the clear coating of your choice.

  Blue Flash Chironomid Step 7

Step 7: Take a small pinch of AZ Seal Black Dubbing and wrap behind the bead head for the thorax. Trim the gills to the desired length. Whip finish the fly and you are done! 

Blue Flash Chironomid DONE!

These chironomid patterns are deadly, especially in the months of May and June. I find they can also be mistaken for a mayfly nymph. Either way, having some of these in your box never hurts.  Give them a try, and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!


Fly Tied By: Tim Tchir

Email: tim@westernsportfishing.ca