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Double Bunny Streamer

Hook: Size #2 - 3/0

Tail: Rabbit Strips (Various Colours)

Body: Rabbit Strips (Same colours and strips as used for the tail)

Eyes: Barbell Head and Stick-on Eyes

Step #1: Tie on the barbell head with optional stick-on eyes at the front of the hook. Make numerous figure-eight wraps to secure the head in place.

Step #2: Wrap thread to the back of the hook, and tie in two strips of rabbit, making the tail(s) as long as you desire. Tie in, but do not cut the strips.

Step #3: Wrap the two rabbit strips like hackle, towards the barbell eyes. Make a few wraps and a half-hitch (optional), and cut the rabbit strip off.

Step #4: Continue wrapping the thread to build a head of thread around the eyes. Whip finish the fly, and you are done! These flies work great for bull trout (and other trout), pike, and walleye, so carry plenty in your box. The life-like movement of the rabbit strips in the water makes for a tantalizing meal for the fish you are after. The only downside is that when this fly is wet, it gets a little heavy to cast, so make sure you have a heavier fly rod to handle these killer flies!

Fly Tied By: Tim Tchir

Email: tim@westernsportfishing.ca