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Making of the WSF DVD Series

“Going for smallmouths again?”

“Does this guy ever catch fish?”

“What the heck are they talking about?”

Ever since Nick (aka Brown Trout) brought over a video tape loaded with 6 hours of cable TV fishing shows some 8 years ago, these questions have become commonplace in what seems to be a vicious cycle of fishing show disasters. Anyone remember a show called “Fishing with Laddin” ? Didn’t think so, now let’s move on.

Filming a short segment on "Rod Selection"We’d record fishing show after fishing show and would be giddy as a school girl to show off an episode or two that was recorded while the other guys were sleeping…..hey, there wasn’t much better to do during winter in Fort Saskatchewan anyways. Over the years we would point out both positives and negatives about certain shows: everything from music, to the host’s commentaries were analyzed.

Through high school and college, Tim Trevor, Nick, and I would take handy-cams with us and jokingly make little fishing videos, some of which appeared on our old “Tripod” website. After tinkering with some editing software for a few years and purchasing some underwater equipment just last year, we noticed that our fishing shows were getting pretty decent. Tim had also purchased a pretty good camera a few years ago, and with the use of portable microphones bought off Ebay, I proposed that rather than trying to get our show approved by public TV, we would produce a DVD series.

You won’t find hosts like the ones from out east or down south who look like NASCAR drivers with Setting up for some filming all of their sponsors on these discs. The 2-Disc set was filmed throughout Alberta and BC with instruction, entertainment, and capturing the fishing experience in mind. No sponsors, no big companies, just me and my fishing buddies capturing memorable trips in some of our favourite destinations, and having fun while doing it.

Filming underwater video for Episode #4I believe that underwater video is essential in making a good show. Not only can the viewer see what the fish is doing while it is fighting, but they can also see the style of fight that different species put up. Whether it be the reel-screaming run of a heavy lake rainbow or the rolling of a big cutthroat, we captured it.

The filming of the series started during May, with some monster lake rainbows, and it continued into The Western Sportfishing RV pulled off for some fishing on the Forestry Trunk Road the fall, where we finished off fly fishing for some Red Deer River walleye. The DVD series is a 2-Disc set that includes 5-full length episodes, one never-seen classic episode, as well as out-takes! One of the out-takes is video magic that will always be known as “the perfect beer crack” at the end of a fishing day. It’s been fun filming and producing the DVD’s and they have been completed in a limited supply.

Tight lines to all!

Andy Tchir, WesternSportfishing.ca

Written by: Andy Tchir